Donate '95 Corolla?

It might be time to donate my 1995 Corolla. Where is the best place to donate? Should I sell for scrap? Other options? It is cared for and in good shape, except for normal wear and tear, scratches, one window that won’t open.

There are some donation sites on the Car Talk home page. Not sure which is best. A old Corolla that runs ok should be a good car for someone; high school or college kid, etc. If you put it on Craigslist you can sell it easily; It should be an easy process. Just request cash (not check) for payment and make sure you have the clear title on hand before you list it. If you are not sure how to sign over the title take it to a notary or DMV and ask how it works in your state.

There are 2 ways to donate. Most places will sell the Corolla and send you a receipt to use for your taxes. You can deduct only the amount they get in the sale. There are a few places that use the car themselves or provide cars to low income people to use for personal transportation; mostly commuting to work. If you can find one of those places, you can deduct the fair market value of the Corolla. A 1995 Corolla is not worth much; even fair market value.