Dome light

1996 Toyota Corolla base model 1yr ago dome lite would stop working,I then would sand contacts on dome lite and sand bulb it would then work for about 1 month now I do the same thing and lite will only work for about 20 min.(tried new bulbs many time did not help) was told could be corroded or a bad rely “help” dont know what to do,Thanks everyone.

I would guess you sanded enough of the light side away that it’s no longer contacting the bulb.

It could also be the door switch - can you turn it on manually?

Use a voltmeter or test light to determine if you are getting electricity to the dome contacts. If not, test each door switch the same way.

Assuming it is only the dome light, all the other lights work ok. Above comments are where to start. If my car first thing I’d do is what @SteveF says, except I’d use a DVM, and measure the voltage at the dome light terminals. It should be close to the battery voltage when turned on and the bulb isn’t installed. Then measure it with the bulb installed. It should be close to what you measured before. Also, you should find the fuse for the dome lights, check your owner’s manual where it is. Try taking it out and putting it back in. If you have a DVM you could check its resistance, which should be less than one ohm. Or just try replacing it.