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Dog Tracking

It seems to me that many, maybe most, automobiles point a little to the right as they go down the road. Even new cars do it. Why do they do it? Are they set up that way at the factory? If so, why?

If a car is properly aligned, it will not “point to the right”. However, on many roads, the grading of the road is slightly inclined toward the right for the purpose of directing rain water to the gutters/sewers. This grading will cause most vehicles to head slightly to the right when you take your hand off of the steering wheel.

I think there may be something of an optical illusion aspect to this, as well.

Front wheel track is usually a little wider than the rear. From your vantage point from the left side of your following car, it only appears to be mis-aligned.

It is not normal. I think you are pointed alot to the right.

Front track being wider would make it look like the car points a little to the left, with me, in my driver’s seat, having a more left side view of the car in front of me. I ahve considered the paralax problem, and observed ever more closely. I think the dog tracking is a real thing. I guage the view by observing he distance of the left front and reat tires from the center stripe (or lane stripe) and the distance of the right front and rear tires from the edge of pavement. It all adds up to yawed right dog tracking be a common thing.