Dog chewed through 2nd row seatbelt

So my dog wigged out a bit and chewed through my 2nd row drivers side belt. I’d looped it through his collar to keep him in ghe back seat) (he thinks that he “has” to ride on the lap of whoever’s in the passenger seat). I know that the solution is a safety harness for him that plugs into the buckle for the belt with either chain or steel cable. But what do I do about the belt? There are used ones available, but how do I check to determine if the airbag system hadn’t fired the charge that locks the belt as part of the airbag sequence? Does the airbag system lock all seatbelts if a bag/bage fire?

When seatbelts have been “stressed”, a warning label of some sort will emerge from the bottom mounting as a result of the belt having been stretched by the deceleration forces. I don’t recall exactly what these labels have printed on them, but if the bottom mounting of a belt goes directly into the surrounding trim without any unusual labels showing, then that is a good indication that the belts haven’t been stressed/stretched by having to hold a person back against massive deceleration forces.

All of that being said, I would still opt for a new seatbelt assembly, rather than relying on a used one.


I agree. A used seat belt is a risk regardless of how good it looks.

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The seat belts and the airbags are different systems. An auto upholstery shop can replace the belt.

Ahh, not completely, if an airbag goes off for good reason, I would expect/hope the seat belt tensioner to go off also, by the same signal/input.[quote=“VOLVO_V70, post:4, topic:95686”]
An auto upholstery shop can replace the belt.

I’m not sure that an auto upholsterer would like to mess around with explosive devices.

That’s not the only solution. Another solution is a crate or a cage, securely fastened in place.

A seat belt is an explosive device ? Well that is news to me.

I assume You know seat belt tensioners. What pulls the belt in an accident is the same remedy as in the airbag. It can either be attached to what you plug the belt into or sitting in the doorpost, pulling in the other end.

dog chews the seat belt to sit in the front seat? … lol … reminds me, when I took my own dog on a long trip, to solve this problem I rented a car that had a solid barrier between the back seat and front. My gf wouldn’t go with me unless I did, b/c the dog would insist to jump in front & sit in her lap otherwise.

@GeorgeSanJose- And just what car was this that you could rent ? A surplus Patrol Car.

Just where have you been . . . ?!

Unless your car is pretty old, I’ll bet you lunch it has seatbelts with ETRs

Do you mean seat belt tensioners ?

Actually I didn’t know that seat belt tensioners were explosive. That means they are one use devices.


Yeah, that’s what I meant