Does Toyota Back Up Their Work?

I have a 2005 Toyota Matrix. Bought the car from original owner with 29,000 miles on it. At 31,000 the transmission was replaced by the dealership under warranty. The car now has 68,000 and the replaced transmission has a grinding noise that was deemed by the same dealership as a bad bearing in the transmission/differential unit. They are willing to pay for the part, but want me to pay the labor ($680). (No extended warranty on the car.) This arrangement is coming from the District Supervisor for Parts and Maintenance (DSPM) and the Field Technical Specialist(FTS.) I called Toyota ‘customer experience’ center and she said there is nothing that can be done because the decision has been made by the DSPM and FTS. She said I could go back to the dealer and speak to their Customer Relations Manager and see if the dealship can either waive the labor fee or reduce it. I am at that stage now and haven’t yet heard back. Any of you have suggestions in terms of who I might appeal to above the DSPM or other branch of Toyota that may help?? Thanks in advance.

If there is no extended warranty, I’d say they are being more than fair. They have no obligation to cut you any kind of break.

I want to add my own experience with Toyota Motors (DSPM, FTS) & their dealers. This happened when my 2005 Camry LE was still under warranty. TM & dealers won’t fix the low soft mushy brake. We had several near accident until one day my wife had an accident. To engage the brake especially on freeway driving (60-70 MPH), you have to push it all the way down almost to the floor. Sometimes the brake caught on, but sometimes don’t which was what happened to my wife. So now I have been getting rid of all my Toyotas. I was a loyal Toyota owner & have 4 Toyotas at one time. When my eldest daughter wanted a car, I didn’t buy Toyota. My youngest needs a car soon, again I will not get a Toyota. I am down to 2 Toyotas & trying to get rid of them.

The warranty was with the original owner. Warranties for parts does NOT transfer to the new owner. The dealership is being more then fair.

I agree with the other posts. It sounds to me as though Toyota is backing up the work. The labor charge doesn’t seem outrageous to me. You have a car that is almost 4 years old and has 68,000 miles. You would have paid much more for an extended warranty.

Thanks everyone for your input. I found out late yesterday that they will be replacing the entire transmission at a cost to them of $2650 and the labor charge normally of $800 was reduced in my case to $680. Sounds pretty fair to me, but I think after the job is done I will be selling the car. Two new transmissions in 68,000 miles is a bit much for me.

Very good idea.
In trying to de-throne GM as the world’s numero uno car company, Toyota has been lax in quality because they have been producing more & more at a faster rate than usual. The Toyota I have known & grew up with is not the same anymore.

I agree that you’re getting a fair shake on the labor from the dealership.

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