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Does skipping gears hurt the trans

So I was driving a stick shift today, which I normally dont do. I almost forgot how much I loved it though… However I noticed myself skipping gears at times… IE going from 2nd to 4th or 3rd to 5th… So my question is will this damage anything, if someone was to do it all of the time?? I did not feel anything odd, so I would think it should be fine. However I figured you guys were the ones to ask.

Won’t hurt a thing as long as you’re not lugging the engine. Corvettes are (in)famous for their skip-gear mechanism, but it’s fun to avoid it - just floor the gas!

+1 to Texases comment. Many cars have sufficient overlap between the range the lower gears and the ranges of the upper gears, and as long as you stay within the operating ranges of the gears and of the engine nothing else on the car cares.

I’ve skipped gears often on many of my vehicles. It’s hilly here in NH, and if I start from a stop sign going down hilll it doesn’t make much sense to bother using all my gears, even on the 4-banger I drive. The only important thing is to synch the engine speed with the gear you’re going into, and that’s habit for me anyway.

I grew up with three speed manual transmission cars with the shift on the column. I was taught to shift to high gear as soon as feasible without lugging the engine. Often, I would shift from first to third and skip second gear. One of the cars I owned was a manual transmission 1954 Buick. The engine had enough torque that I could start in second gear on level ground without slipping the clutch or lugging the engine.

NO, as long as you don’t lug the engine, as someone has already said.
I once had a '50 Mercury, in which I put a '51 Lincoln engine. I also put in an overdrive transmission. That thing had enough lugging power to start in 3rd gear with very little clutch slippage.

Agree with texases … It all depends upon te circumstances and how you do it. It’s the same with shifting any manual, anytime. It’s all about technique, frequency and proper use.

I was just worried about the synchros I guess, since I am not lining them up by going into the lower gear 1st…

I usually float it into neutral without using the clutch, then wait for the rev to more or less match(using the engine to slow the gears instead of syncros) before dipping the clutch to complete the shift. That hardly puts any wear on the syncros

I’m an engine blipper/ I blip the accelerator pedal, and never force the shifter. It must slide easily
It must work…the only clutch I’ve ever worn out was after 295,000 miles, and I’d taught two kids to drive on that one.