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Not using the clutch when coming out of gear

when approaching a stop and i reach the appropriate speed, i find i can slip the stick out of gear very smoothly without using the clutch. am i saving the clutch or ruining my transmission?

Doing that is hard on the syncros. I’d stop that practice.


Not hurting anything as long as you don’t go too far and grind gears ! Shifting without a clutch is easy once you get the rythym right !

No effect on the synchros at all UNLESS you try to shift into another gear - going into neutral is no problem !

If you do it when the engine’s idle speed matches the road speed, then the synchronizers don’t even know the difference.

If it’s done smoothly as you say, no harm. The low speed and smoothness means no pressure on the gears/syncrhros which is good. Putting IN the gear without the clutch, however, would definitely ruin the transmission !

My question: Why Bother! Come on, how hard it is to use the clutch. It will not damage the clutch to use it.

you just don’t know how lazy i am, brother. thanks for the input, though.

My wife broke her left foot and had to drive the car. She couldn’t exert enough force using a crutch to work the clutch. She had to use both crutches. I think this is called “double crutching”.


If you have to pay for repair work, you want to try to save the transmission if at all possible. If the owners’ manual says to do it without the clutch then it’s OK. If not, you shouldn’t do it. The first thing they say when the transmission comes out is that you should change the clutch. You are going to have to change the clutch either way, so don’t worry about the clutch. Save the 400 dollars it costs if you hurt the transmission.

You need to purchase either a Hudson from the 1940’s or a Packard from this period. Get the Hudson with Vacuumotive drive. A vacuum cylinder will operate the clutch for you. Packards from this period offered an electric clutch. Also, the old Borg Warner overdrive units had a free wheeling feature that would allow you to upshift and downshift without using the clutch when the overdrive was engaged, but before you released the accelerator pedal to actually shift into overdrive. If your car isn’t the Hudson or Packard or equipped with the Borg Warner overdrive, then I would suggest you use the clutch for upshifting and downshifting.

If done properly there is no wear and ALL on the transmission…however…WHY…It’s NOT going to save you much as far as clutch life goes. 90% of clutch wear is starting out in 1st gear. And that you have to use the clutch.