Does my 2010 Subaru Impreza need the protective undercovering?

Driving over a rock caused a rip in the protective covering under my car. Because it was dragging on the ground I tore it away. Subaru tells me the replacement parts alone will be about $400, plus labor. I have been driving the car “unprotected” in this way for almost a year. How important is it to replace this cover?

Just drive on , it was mostly for air flow to help fuel mileage .

Thanks! I didn’t know that.

And here I thought that the cover was there to catch all the wrenches and sockets that you drop???


Of course the cover may well have protected the bottom of your engine from being punctured by the rock that that tore it off. Now THAT would be an expensive fix once all the oil ran out, Consider buying the cover from a salvage yard and paying in independent shop to install it. It may also improve cooling airflow and MPG a little.


I too wonder about the airflow through the engine for proper cooling, as MG_McAnick1 points out. If this were my car, I’d price the junkyard solution here.