Does it worth to buy a Li battery powered Jump starter+air compressor for my car?

I notice there is a kind of jump starter+air compressor all in one offer in amazon? does it worth to buy? It claims to have 15000mHA battery and 1500A.

I own one. It is compact, powerful and does a great job adding air to my tires when needed. The LiIon battery is light and powerful. Far better than the old ones with a lead acid battery. Lokithor brand.

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Combo platter sounds fine to me if you don’t have an air compressor.

I own a big air compressor… but the combo is small enough to carry along on trips AND the compressor function is automated so I hook it to a tire, set the pressure I want and push a button to start it. The compressor automatically stops when the tire is at the correct pressure. Then I move to the next one.

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I guess it depends on if you have a compressor or not. I have three and I can only think of one time when it would have been handy to have one on the road. I used to have the combo. Lasted a couple years then you have to take it apart to recycle the battery. But if that’s all you have better than nothing.

I’ve had a lithium battery powered jump starter only for quite a while, maybe 4 years? And it’s fine, does the job. No signs of failure. Our haz-mat recycling place takes things like this without any requirement that you take it apart. It’s a very useful tool. Just remember to charge it every so often.