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Recommended 12 Volt Auto Air Compressors?

Would like recommendations concerning 12 Volt Auto Air Compressors with Light and anything else you feel is necessary.

Did a Forum search but did not find anything.

Did a Google search and found.

Inflator Buyer’s Guide How to Pick the Perfect Inflator

The Cordless inflators look interesting but do not like the added hassle of battery and extra cost… Unless it can do double duty such as charge regular auto battery…

Am open to any suggestions.



I have the Duracell Powerpack 300 in my garage. It’s held up for a few years now with no issues. It does cost more than a simple inflator, but I like that it can provide some A/C power at a picnic or jump a marginal battery (but probably not a completely dead one). This is just me being lazy, but I also like not having to mess around with a long cord each time I use it.

I use the one from Harbor Freight:

I can’t say if it is superior to others in its price range, but this one has held up better than those cheap ones I used to buy and wear out too easily.

I have a Black and Decker AirStation, I believe it is, that has performed very well for me. I got it at Lowe’s maybe 5 years ago. It works off either AC or DC, which is a plus to me.

It’s also one of the few inflators I’ve had that didn’t fail on me after a year.

Hi lion9car,

Thanks for the Duracell Powerpack 300 suggestion. Checked and found for it "detachable LED flashlight that makes it easy to find your way in the dark."

Do you still have the original battery?

Hi SteveF,

How long have you had the Harbor Freight compressor?

“this one has held up better than those cheap ones I used to buy and wear out too easily.” Agree some of the plastic parts don’t last long. Do you remember the names of the Bad ones?

Hi ledhed75,

Glad to hear you have had good luck with the Black and Decker AirStation.

Is it the Black and Decker ASI300 AirStation AC / DC Dual Powered Inflator?

KenO wrote:
Do you still have the original battery?

My battery is original. I have no problem topping off all ten tires on both cars when the temperature drops in fall.

I bought one at COSTCO several years ago…It’s similar to the HF unit but twice as big…Pumps large tires up quickly but must be connected directly to the vehicles battery, not the lighter plug. With the self-powered ones, you are buying an expensive battery along with the compressor. If the battery happens to be dead, the compressor is useless for a while at least…

FWIW, if you get one, get one with USB charging outputs and light so you can use it during a power outage as an emergency light and to keep your cell phone topped off.

KenO, you asked me the names of the bad ones. All of them were cheapO units purchased from places like Big Lots or Ollie’s. They didn’t have brand names.

I have a Craftsman model that I got for a song when Sears was closing one of their local stores. I’ve had it for 10 years and it works great. It doesn’t have a light or any of that fluff, but it does have a built in digital gauge which you can set to turn the compressor off when it reaches a preset. I don’t trust the gauge that much and just use it as a guide, then use a better gauge to check the final result. It also has a nice long power cord that can easily reach all 4 tires.

A friend recommended InterDynamics 200 (red). He has had it for ~ 40 yrs with no problems. Has only used it a few times.

Did a search and only found a used Interdynamics 225 (black)

Am wondering if the InterDynamics 200 (red) is still available?


Received another recommendation but person has not had it for any time.

Maxam 3-in-1 300psi Air Compressor with Air Gauge and Flashlight

Has anyone tried it?

I have a Ryobi one plus inflator which works great. The 18 volt lithium battery recharges in an hour & also powers my Ryobi string trimmer/hedge trimmer/yard blower/circular saw. Very handy. Theres also a flashlight and 5 or 6 other tools available.

About 20 years ago, my father-in-law gave me a compressor that I think was used to supply the air for the airhorn on a semi-tractor. I fitted it with a hose from a defunct bicycle pump, attached about 20 feet of two single conductor #14 wire with some battery clamps on the other end and I had a tire pump. It worked very well, but somehow disappeared about a year ago. I do have a Black and Decker air station, but it only works on 120 volt A.C. The home made tire pump was very handy to carry in the car.