Does it matter what wires attach to plugs? (1987 Chevrolet Camaro)

can the spark plug wires be attached incorrectly to the wrong spark plugs?

Yes they can. They must be attached to the right plug in the right order, known as the “firing order”

If you have already messed up the firing order, you can have any Parts store print out a firing order for you.


If you’re wanting to do this kind of work on your 31-year-old car, you need to have a manual. Go to a parts store and see if they have a Hayes or Chiltons manual for your Camaro, or get one from Amazon. Is this a hobby car, or your daily driver?

Yes. How do I know?

And on at least one car I remember, the distributor cap can be put on 180 degrees off.

Unless I am very familiar with it, I mark the cap and its base, and each wire, before taking things off.

Try these. Not sure if you have a V6 or V8.


Per @Rainflurry 's diagrams. This applies ONLY if the rotor inside the distributor cap is actually pointing to the cap terminal labled #1 on his drawings at top dead center. If it isn’t, the car still won’t run. If you didn’t understand what I just posted, you need an actual mechanic to make this car run again.

In WWII Jeeps were constantly being taken by unauthorized folks. They did not have a key and if you wanted to ride instead of walk you hopped into a Jeep and took off. In a busy area very little chance of getting caught. To stop this, some folks would reverse 2 of the plug wires. If the Jeep did start, once you popped the clutch it would stall. Easy way to keep your Jeep from wandering off.

Easier - to just remove the rotor.

thank you!
I was trying to figure out the possible problems before i went to mechanic