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Does anyone make a real hatchback anymore?

I’m driving a 2002 Hyundai Elantra hatchback, and it is a real hatch with a slanty large window that opens to a full storage area. Does anyone still make a hatchback like that? I love the visibility out the back and the ease of loading.

Doesn’t Hyundai still make the Elantra “Touring” Hatchback?
I would prefer that over the second generation Toyota Matrix (I have the 1st gen.)

We are in the market for a new hachback car and there are lots available. Mazda makes one in both the Mazda 2 and the Mazda 3. Ford Focus and Fiesta are available as hatchbacks. Kia makes the Rio, as does Hyundai, and so on.

Just visit enough dealers and you will find one. The Honda Fit is the roomiest little hatchback around.

We are likely going for a Mazda 2.

Sadly, no, there’s no Elantra hatchback anymore, we just looked at the Elantras. The opening to the sedan trunk is a joke!

Thanks. We have a newish Honda Fit and enjoy it very much, but it isn’t quite roomy enough for us for long trips, tho it packs up wonderfully with the seats down in back, they are too obvious for the road. We’ll look at the Mazda 3 next…but really want a deluxe hatchback with good size to it. Why did you prefer the Mazda 2?

Whats the Toyota Matrix? Would that fit the bill?

Toyota Venza? Honda/Acura Crosstour?

VW Golf? Scion xB? That one is BIG.

Thanks. The crosstour looks nice, but is about 2 feet longer than we want! I misled everyone when I complained about the Fit. I still want a compact, just not a sub-compact. And unfortunately, a car not a crossover. But thanks.

Thanks a lot. We’ll look at one if possible. Size is right, and it does seem to have a real hatch.

Thanks. We looked at a VW Golf when we bought the Honda Fit. It is just a tad longer and wider than the Fit, but otherwise they are twins. It has that blanketyblank straight up and down rear window like a station wagon that I hate. The scion doesn’t come in a 5 door. Oh well, guess I’ll just keep driving the Hyundai til it dies.

Scion xD ? Makes a 5 door hatch back and is well regarded with sound handling, ride and full standard compliment of accessories and it’s Corolla motor. All for very reasonable price.

Thanks. Unfortunately we’re looking for a family 5 door. That’s why the scion is out. I really want a 1990 camry hatchback, remember those?

Then, the compact Suv like RAV and CRV in 2wd form offer excellent accommodations. Sorry they don’t look the part but they certainly are family 5door.

My choice would be a Golf or Jetta “sportwagen” TDI, next would be an Elantra Touring. Have you looked at the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport (NOT the Outlander)? I thought the Venza was available in 2wd? Have you looked at an Audi A3? Golf underneath but a bit longer with more “rake” to the hatch.
I don’t quite get if I’m clear what you are looking for, you want a hatchback (5 door) car (not cross over/SUV) with some slant to the hatch, not straight up/down rear hatch like a wagon or minivan? But you like the Fit. Doesn’t the Fit have a straight up rear hatch? That’s why it “packs so well”. IMHO the Crosstour is a MAJOR fail (and the sales are dismal). It is so raked in the back as to make the hatchback area useless and talk about high liftover, holy cr@p! The Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback is a bit better than the Crosstour but still not great but take a look, you might like it.

Terrible choices. High center of gravity for no good reason. Overweight, poor MPG. CRV is a gutless noisy harsh drivetrain. Have you driven a CRV? What a penalty box!

I don’t quite get if I’m clear what you are looking for, you want a hatchback (5 door) car (not cross over/SUV) with some slant to the hatch, not straight up/down rear hatch like a wagon or minivan? But you like the Fit. Doesn’t the Fit have a straight up rear hatch?

When I traded in a sedan for my xB, I noticed that the rear glass wasn’t “self cleaning”. That’s why the box has a rear wiper. But it really isn’t an issue, especially when I loaded the car from floor to ceiling. It is also less aerodynamic and reduces mileage somewhat. Finally, unlike a slanted back hatch, you have to duck under the straight back hatch to load the car. If you can look past all those issues, nothing can top the space efficiency of a straight back hatch.

The Kia Forte 5 is worth a look, considering the warranty period.

Thanks everyone, this is really helpful. I am not the Fit driver, we usually take my old Hyundai for errands (groceries and shopping) due to the nicer access to the hatch. As far as the upright window, because the Fit is so small,it’s close to the driver giving good visibility. I like the rear window to fill the mirror. I’ve had a Subaru legacy wagon, and didn’t enjoy the back glass much because it was too far away.
I’d argue about the straight back hatch, because my Hyundai sloped hatch is big enough for trip with luggage with the privacy cover down and the rear seats up. I think they just cheated the rear passengers, which doesn’t effect us. Hate to take a 2002 on the road much tho.
My “happy” cars were a Chevy Chevette 5 door, Toyota Camry (when it was still compact) Hatchback, and now the Hyundai hatchback. Maybe I’ll wait til someone gets the idea again, or is that style (angular and straight back) too un-aerodynamic to ever exist again?

As far as the shape and angle of the hatch, which seems to be a primary concern for you, it sure sounds like a prius or insight.

Thanks. Lots of good ideas here…clearly there are more hatchbacks out there than I originally thought.
Re prius or insight, I’m not impressed by the hybrids. Expensive, with a terrifically high battery replacement cost (we keep autos 8-10 years), and wasted space. We prefer cars like old Civic and new Fit that have naturally low gas mileage.