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Does anyone know the location of the engine number on a 1981 Toyota Diesel engine

Need to locate engine number on a 1981 Toyota Diesel engine.

If it’s the engine I am thinking of it is a 2.2L. There should be a sticker under the hood or maybe even on the firewall, similar to this. In my case the engine type is in the lower left 2AZ-FE (2.4L).

thanks for that information, I was looking for the engine number location of this type of engine. The engine, transmission and rear-end where removed and put into a new home made frame with a 1925 Ford fiberglass body. Trying to get it registered and DMV needs to have the engine number as that is the only thing that would have a number that would match the VIN. The body and frame of the pickup was taken to the junk yard 2 years ago so we don’t have any of that etc. So somewhere the engine number is stamped we just can’t find it.

Trooper you might try start out with full information such as the engine and transmission are in a kit car so none of the factory plates are present and why you need the number. You could also talk to the Toyota parts department near you.