Dodge won't start in park

I drive a 1985 Dodge 150 full size van. It

will start in neutral, but not in park. I’ve checked the manual but am not sure how to proceed. Also, when in neutral the shift indicator is off a bit. It is over the R. The manual shows how to fix this, but not where the screw is located. Can anyone offer some advise

most likely the neutral safety switch has gone south.

by chance (be CAREFUL doing this) will it start in R, D or 123?

no, it won’t start in any gear other than neutral.

If it has tilt steering, and the steering wheel is all the way down (or, up) the shift letters won’t align. Check it with the steering wheel in the middle position.
Your repair manual should say something about using alignment pins to get the shift levers in the right position. My Chilton’s (part# 7655) isn’t very detailed; but, it does show that the long shift rod ends are adjusted by loosening the screw that holds the small metal block, which has a pin (protuberance) that engages the shift lever on the transmission.

To adjust the pointer, there should be a slider with a screw you loosen for adjustment at the base of the steering column.

Not sure where the neutral safety switch on the oldie, though.

no, it won’t start in any other gear than neutral. what does it look like and were is it located. is it very difficult to change?

it does not have tilt steering. my haynes isn’t very detailed either. do i need to remove the panel covering the drive shaft to get to the shift rod ends and pin?

is this screw on the part of the steering column that is visible under the hood?

There are two long rods which go down to the shift levers on the transmission. Where these long rods connect to the transmission shift levers, is where the moveable adjustment blocks are. Most likely, you’ll have to get UNDER the van to see and adjust them.

No, under the dashboard.