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Dodge van tradesman 300 1978

I having trouble getting rid of this van, emotionally for I am moving back to Hawaii. Is it worth keeping and putting money into? The engine strong but it a little rough around the edges. I thinking about shipping it to Hawaii when I leave. Is this a smart move? It been turned into a RV and everything works: stove, sink, fridge and I put a radio in it. It got a raised top so you can stand in. It got storages but the inside carpets are old and thing are starting to fall a part. Thinking about painting it and remodeling the inside. I can not find any infornmation on the van to help me make a better decision. Input anyone. My girlfriend getting mad because I having trouble making this decision and it causing me to stay on the mainland longer thus the problem she is having.

Pull some obscure part off of it as a momento and dump it. Are you even going to be able to get parts for it in Hawaii? I’m suprised you can even get parts for it here in the 48. Shipping it there sounds like a money sink. Are you sure that you aren’t holding onto this for other reasons, such as, not wanting to move to Hawaii, issues with the GF?

Good Luck!

Your best bet would be to find it a good home with someone that will use the camper and get some more years of good use from it. It is easy to get attached to a vehicle that has been good to you. It’s one of the reasons I didn’t get rid of mine during the ‘cash for clunkers’ program–it would have been a shame to destroy it and would have felt kind of like a betrayal. But in the end, vehicles are not sentient beings and will not feel pain if you sell them.

Some states have regulations about rust too; not sure if Hawaii is one of them. But you may have trouble registering it in Hawaii if you do spend the insane amount it will cost to ship it there.

What is the current price of gasoline in Hawaii? On a good day will that van get 10 miles per gallon? How much parking space will be available at the new home?

Forget the van!! The cost to ship it there will be 5 times what it is worth! Hawaii is like living on a different planet and 32 year old Dodge Van’s just don’t fit in…

Thanks, your right it will cost $3500 to send the van. I do not think I can even get $2500 for it now in california. I just needed other to tell me I being irrational about the decision.

I do not think it would give me trouble getting the van registering for I have passed smog in california everytime needed and in hawaii everthing rusts because high moisture. They have never asked on my jeeps about it but I have heard of people not passing their safty because of rust (they normally put duck tape over it the holes). The van has little rust in relation to this issue. With that being said I think you are right: it has been very good to me and it is not a sentient being for I should give it or sell it to somebody who would give the van a few more good years. Thanks for the advice.