Dodge truck crank sensor

A Groundhog ate the wires coming from the Crank Sensor on my '94 Dodge 1500 Ram Truck (318 V-8). I managed to dislodge the miserable rodent with a shock and awe application of 5 Black Cats. By laying on top of the engine and using a flashlight and little mirror I eventually discovered the damage. Replacement seems simple, but for the fact that I can’t get my hands near the 2 hold-down bolts. The hex bit slot seems of indeterminate size, and the lack of space back there seems to preclude any turning of tools anyway. Is there a special tool for this job? What size bit do I need? Do I have to remove the exhaust or even the engine to do this? Does groundhog taste better stewed or grilled? Does anyone else share my white-hot rage at an engine installed with sensors and a distributor that can only be worked on in Braille? Are these wires covered with Twizzlers instead of some more expensive plastic? ARRRGH.