Dodge Sprinter Owners --- a question


I am interested in buying a 2002-2006 Sprinter, and I want to know how these vehicles handle overall. This will be my daily driver, so I need it to work well on the highway as well as city streets. My biggest concern is how it handles around corners. Obviously, it’s not a sports car, but does the Sprinter sway a lot from side to side when going around corners? Does it feel “tippy”?

I appreciate any insight you have to share. Thank you,


I’ve got a '03 2500 140 wb high top. Had it from new and it’s my daily driver. I tow enclosed trailers with it from time to time, and even with that it is not "tippy " at all. It handles very well on local roads and on the highway. I’ve only been uncomfortable on the highway twice, but anyone would be with the 40- 50 mph crosswinds I was driving in.Just dropped the speed a bit and all was well at 55mph.
Hope this helps your decision.

Vehicle reportedly has a LOWER center of gravity than the old Dodge Van it replaced… but with increased surface area, wind will affect it more than a sports car.

I have the EXTRA High Top 2500 144" WB 2007, and REALLY like everything but the lack of AWD.

If they market the test Hybrid, it will be AWD Electric Drive… with likely a diesel powerplant