Dodge spirit

i can hand wiggle both rear tires about 3in. is that more than just bearings???

Lug Nuts Loose ? If It’s Bearings That Have Been Allowed To Get That Bad Then It Could Be Stub Axles As Well, By Now.
Dangerous ! Do Not Drive !


YA MON… If your lugs are tight and you have that much free play, then you have either ignored all of the symptoms…Jacked your radio way too loud or are asleep at the wheel…LOL… Anywho…didnt you notice anything odd? Your brakes must have been complaining for a while with that much free play…NO?

Sure sounds like bad bearings… Man you must have really heard something before they got that bad… Get your car up on jack stands and replace those poor bearings…they dont owe you ANYTHING…TRUST US. I hope you didnt damage other wheel components in the process…check everything out thoroughly before putting it back together. Good luck

i just got the car today from a friend for 100.00 bucks and yea she dont know jack about cars.
i figured it was the bearings, so if that bad what else mite be trashed?

The rear brake…what brake SHOES? I dont think this car had rear disc brakes… But I could be wrong. Thats about the only thing I guess… Th ebrakes would have had to deal with all of that play and “Off centerness” that the bearing created. SO when you apply the brakes and the brake shoes expect to encounter a CENTERED Drum…it encountered a very off center drum…so it had to then take up that space and straighten out the drum…and wheel…etc… SO the brake shoes and subsequent clips and springs may be out of whack…just take a good look at all the brake hardware and repair replace as needed… You will prob be ok… Just get the new bearings on there and go slow from there.

sounds good thanks guys

I wanna buy a car for a hundred bucks.