Dodge Ram

Hello im having problems with my 05 dodge Diesel. it had 2 injectors go bad and a Diesel shop replaced them. after that the truck vibrates mostly when lugging it in overdrive but can also notice it in drive. the repair shop said it was the torque converter so they replaced that but it still dose it. the truck did not have this vibration before they replaced the injectors. any help would be greatly appricated thanks

There are just too many variables. A good mechanic needs to assess the situation.

Thanks i thought i would give this a try since 2 shops have already worked on it

Do you know a good shop near you? If these two shops struck out, you need to try a third. Ask everyone you know what repair shop they use. Eventually, you should see a shop or two that a lot of people are happy with. Try those shops. It appears that the ones you tried until now couldn’t troubleshoot the problem. Throwing parts at the problem won’t solve it, as you know.

Why did the injectors go bad and is there NOT reason to suspect the others? Injector work on Diesels is MUCHO important…so much so that most if not always injector work is done on a SET of injectors and never just one or two…

My suggestion is to pull ALL the injectors and have them cleaned and tested by a Diesel Head type of guy…theres one such dood down in West Chester PA…he’s REALLY GOOD at Diesels and injector work…he also does pump rebuilds to very high standards… Methinks the solution lies there…

thanks for all the help the shop that did the injector work says they pulled them all and tested them and replaced the two that were bad ??? my guess is they didnt replace the injector conector tubes or there is a bad injector in the ones they replaced with rebuilt aftermarket ones. they dont want to admit they messed up but its back there now under warenty work. i guess i will find out next week what they say the problem is this time

Agree with blackbird, what is possible is that the new injectors are working 100%, but your old injectors are working at 75%… that type of thing can cause a vibration due to different power levels on different cyls. I would want all the injectors flow tested.

A Diesel will only run as good as its injectors are working…thats a FACT…if you have a miss in a Diesel its either COMPRESSION…or FUELING…nowhere else. They’re simple Beasts…but need/rely on the basics even more so than any other engine.