Dodge Ram sticking doors



Our 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 4X4 extended cab has the suicide rear doors. These doors ceased to open. First to stop opening was the driver side one. Then the passenger side started to get sticky. I took the inner panel off the passenger side to see what was in there and then got the driver’s side off, checked to make sure all the rods were there and connected. They were! Since then the passenger side has stopped opening. So now it is just a 2 door! Any suggestions?


It is a matter of looking and feeling the various parts until you find out where the problems is. It may be the locking mechanism or maybe the frame has flexed and now the doors are no longer straight or they are sticking. Maybe some part of the hinges or lock needs to be cleaned or lubed properly. There are many possibilities.


I have removed both inner door panels and felt around inside of them. Rods connecting to top and bottom latch mechanisms are there and connected. I heard that there is a relatively quick and simple cure but the guy that knew the guy told me he died!! And took the cure to the grave! Go figger, eh.