Dodge Ram 1500 sudden acceleration

Is there any information about sudden acceleration of 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 , engine size 4.7 V-8 ? On Feb. 19, 2018 my wife went out to move our truck from the driveway to the side of the road so we could receive an order of roofing products . When she started the vehicle and put it in gear the truck shot across the street and struck a power utility pole at a very high rate of speed . the front end struck the pole and split it in half, the front of the truck wraparound the pole. I need to know if there have been any other cases of sudden acceleration .

A faulty Idle Air Control valve can cause that problem.

The faulty IAC valve moves to the improper position for the idle condition, and the engine races.


Most likely, your wife was pushing on the accelerator (she will swear she wasn’t).

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If throttle linkage is mechanical, it could be a broken motor mount.