Dodge mini vans- General

I noticed that a great many posts are ‘general’ at best, so thought I’d try same: Ever notice the great many ‘Heavy Chicks’ driving blue Dodge mini-vans? (@ least in Ohio Valley, Minn., and MI.) Seam to be popular ‘cars’. Do not think ever seen non heavy chick @ the wheel. Kind of like a guy driving a Prius w/ more that a 16" neck. Anybody w/ evidence to refute???

You need a like…

Geez if this isn’t the stupidest post I’ve seen in awhile.

How about some evidence to refute the fact that you’re a dumba## with sh## for brains.

Oh waiter, check please!

We might have to wait a while for that, willey. He’s busy buying up the Pulstar plugs, Water for Gas thingies, super pre ignition converters, and all that other s*** that f***heads buy.

The moderators must be asleep at the wheel, I keep flagging his post but nothing happens.