Dodge MDS upgrade?

According to a local dealer, the reason the new Dodge Ram gets 20 MPG is due to the MDS system. I have an '08 Ram with an MDS, but only get an average of 18 MPG.

Is it possible to do a type of computer upgrade and get the benefits of the new MDS? Both the dealer and the manufacturer’s rep I called just referred me to the other.

The new 2009 Dodge Ram has a revised Hemi engine that incorporates Variable Valve Timing. That could account for the slightly higher fuel mileage since when running normally it would allow for a mild cam for fuel economy, but when you step on it would switch over to the more aggressive cam profile for added power. The transmission is the same from 2008. With that said if you’re getting 18 MPG out a hemi Ram you’re doing better than most since it’s rated at 13/17 MPG for a 4WD and 13/19 MPG for a 2WD.

As mentioned before the gain in MPG for the 2009 model has more to do with the VVT than anything else, although the new Ram is a little more aerodynamic as well. I doubt there is any kind of computer upgrade that would benefit you in terms of improved mileage.

FoDaddy, I must complement you on always being on top of what is going on in the engine department. I don’t know how you do it, myself I never have enough time to keep up on the changes.

Thanks for the info, Also, I wonder if it’s possible to change an '08 Ram to have that VVT? If so, any idea how much it might cost? A potential gain of 2-3 MPG may be woth it…depending on the cost, of course.

If your engine doesn’t have variable valve timing it never will.

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