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Dodge Magnum RT With water in the Transmission

I have a 2005 Dodge Magnum RT. Ever since 8000miles I have had a recurring problem with water in the transmission. Multiple attempts to fix, including, new Torque converter, valve body, multiple ATF flushes. At 84k miles, out of warranty, it happened again. After convincing the dealer, with a test of the ATF that found 2% water in it. The dealer, and Dodge, stepped up and repaired it for only $500 of my money. But I think the did a half ass repair.

They replaced 2 clutch packs B2/K2, the Valve body, Torque converter, all new seals, and new dipstick tube. Everything I know about Auto Transmissions, and Aamco says the same thing, is that all the clutch disks will have some damage from the water in the ATF.

After picking up the car, the transmission started slamming into 5th gear, and sometimes not going into gear at all. They found that the ATF was burned up, 2 more clutch backs destroyed. They replaced 2 clutch packs K2 and B1, one of the brand new ones, flushed the valve body of debris, and only 8 of the 17 quarts of ATF in the transmission.

The first week of picking up the car, it seemed fine. Now in the last week, I have been having 50-100RPM increases in in RPM and a slight shudder when the RPM drops back down. This problem only happens when the car is cruising at 60-65mph, worse at 60mph.

My question is.

If the ATF fluid was burned up and full of debris from the damaged clutch packs. Could this be causing issues with the Torque converter? Possibly the Torque converter locking, and unlocking?

Yes, the torque converter could be damaged. It’s also possible that they used a cheaper transmission fluid with a friction modifier instead of genuine ATF+4, which these cars call for. These transmissions are very picky about the fluid that’s put in them, and often will not shift right if genuine ATF+4 is not used.

Why does water keep getting in the transmission? If you don’t address the root cause, you will just keep burning up transmissions.

Water kept getting in because of a faulty seal, and that should be fixed properly this time. (crosses fingers)

The transmission cooler in the radaitor should be checked if it’s leaking coolant into the transmission.


Do you often park in 3’ deep water?? What is the SOURCE of the contaminated fluid…??

water from the AC condenser drips on the top of the transmission, flows down the the dipstick tube seal and gets in past a bad seal. long running problem on these transmissions from the start.

no evidence of coolant in the fluid, the ATF was tested and found no glycol or other coolant contaminats in the fluid. 2% water, some iron, aluminum, copper, and a few other trace elements. But no glycol.

A quick look at ALLDATA shows there was indeed a TSB related to this problem as rerferenced by nlancaster.
TSB 21-006-03 issed Feb. 2006

Just my opinion, but I don’t think much of the dealership who would R & R a transmission, tear it apart, replace some parts but not all after a major failure, and then reassemble it only to start running contaminated fluid through it again.

I think your description of halfaxx could be very applicable here.

Has anybody thought about modifying or re-routing the A/C drain?? I would let the next owner of this vehicle figure it out…

The NAG-1 transmission did indeed have problems with the dipstick tube seal leaking. There is a quick fix for this, a special shield to deflect water away from the seal. How long did it take for Dodge to address this ?? This is a well known issue.


what sheild is this you speak of? part# please.

Heres a service bulletin on it. I should have a different one at my shop. This one does not address a shield. The one I have addresses a shield and even has a procedure to pump some air into the transmission to determine any leakage at the seal. I dont see it in this version. I need to check mine. I could be thinking of another transmission as far as the shield goes but I doubt it. I distinctly remember something about a shield.

Read this over:


It seems kind of sad to me that after a million years of automatic tranmission design and construction that a simple dipstick tube would leak at all and even take a stransmission out while doing so.

Even if the A/C drain was not an issue what about water being sloshed up from the roadway by the front wheels; or driving through deep rain water runoff?

The TSB I posted in my other thread was the old TSB. It was superseded by the TSB# ok4450 posted. I have this TSB. It is ungodly long, way too long to post here and thats because it also has the repair procedures.


what is the TSB#?

Chrysler Service Bulletin # 21-003-06 - Group: Transmission February 18, 2006 Is A
13 Page Bulletin.
It Covers 2005 - 2006 Magnums, Chargers, And 300s With NAG1 Transmissions Built Prior To December 2005 (Transmission Build Date Of 07/08/05) .

This bulletin addresses dipstick tube seal leakage that may cause ATF contamination or transmission shudder / buzz. It supersedes TSB 21-011-05 Rev A (6 pages), dated July 14, 2005.

Looks like it also covers the air pressure test referred to by Transman. I hope this is what you’re looking to find.


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