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Dodge Intrepid Transmission

I recently had several parts replaced on my 02 Dodge Intrepid within the last few months, including the brake lines, motor, gas lines, sensors, spark plugs, and a few rusted parts that were busted while the motor was being replaced. I have had my car back for a week after most recently getting the gas line replaced. (My gas line froze the same day I got it back after getting the motor fixed!)
I havent had an issues until Saturday morning my engine light came on. I drove it throughout the day no problems, then I stopped at a red light and had trouble accelerating when I went to turn, my car then jerked forward and and ran seemingly normal, but the problem continued everytime I stopped or slowed down. After 5 minutes or less of this I parked my car and called my mechanic. After a half hr of no help I restarted my car and circled the parking lot with no issue and headed to a friends nearby. The stalled accelerating and jerking began again until I couldnt accelerating at all without waiting and restarting my car, and then finally there was no moving it at all.

I had it towed this morning and was told I had no transmission fluid. After replacing the fluid my car was driven to my house without an issue, so im assuming I didnt blow my trans? Several hours later, I went to start my car and there was a large amount of red fluid under the front of the car by the bumper and it wont move once again.

Obviously I have a leak, but I dont know if the leak was the cause of the initial problem or if the problem caused the leak. Please help!

Rusted Brake Lines, Fuel Lines…
How About Transmission Cooler Lines?

Lines do seem to be a common problem you make a good point.

Or when they changed the engine and they didn’t take the opportunity to replace the $5 seal in the front of the transmission. I would never replace an engine with a used one without replacing the rear main seal on the engine and the front seal on the transmission.

“large amount of red fluid under the front of the car by the bumper”

sounds like trans cooler lines/hoses, or maybe the trans cooler itself

I’m not sure, but I expect the trans cooler is part of the radiator

Typically, when the engine is replaced, the engine and transmission are removed as one unit. Before doing this, various lines and hoses need to be disconnected, and fluids are typically drained. Perhaps something wasn’t properly reconnected . . . ?

But since the fuel lines were rusty, perhaps the trans cooler lines were also rusty, as @“common sense answer” already mentioned

I suggest taking your Intrepid to a good independent transmission shop for a complete inspection. It will be money well spent and may save your transmission in the process. I think it’s a simple problem at this stage but it can turn into a major one if you don’t find the leak quickly enough.