Dodge Grand Caravan Shimmy

I have a 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan with 120,000 miles. Starting at about 45mph the car has a really bad shimmy when accelerating. The shimmy fades starting at about 55 mph. There is no shimmy when not accelerating. Gently applying the breaks has no effect on the shimmy. I’ve put on new tires, Change the steering rack and struts and the engine and tranny mounts. what could be causing this?

Have your mechanic check the inner CV joints.

There is no shimmy when not accelerating

Agree with VDCdriver. I had exactly this symptom with a much older Caravan, solved with a new front axle (CV joint). It never made the otherwise telltale clicking which other cars do.

Was it a national chain repair company (Pepboys etc.) which advised the rack, struts, mounts?