Dodge Grand Caravan 2007

Hello. I have had trouble with my van for about a month now. The first issue was that once I fueled up, the van would stall a few times. I took it to the shop and they could find nothing.
The next time Inhad to fuel up, it stalled again. This time, the CEL came on and “GASCAP” was displayed on the odometer. I changed out the fuel pump, gascap and a solenoid valve. The code from the CEL changed from P0455 to P0457 after these changes.
What might be the cause of this emissions issue?

are you “topping off” when pumping gas ?

if you do, stop doing it and see if situation improves

No, I don’t top off. I fill up but only until the pump “clicks” and I stop.

I took to the shop for “smoke test” they found that the ERG valve was malfunctioning. Changing it out cleared the CEL. I also bought a MOPAR gascap.
However, the “GASCAP” message on the odometer is still present. I have disconnected the battery and it still came back. Any idea as to what might be causing this? The smoke test only showed that the valve was malfunctioning, no lines.

It can take several days for the computer to reset. Have you checked for any roughness on the metal fuel fill nozzle mating surface?

If the purge valve can’t pull a vacuum . . . because of a blown diaphragm, or the hose connecting it to the intake manifold is rotten, for example . . . you’ll get that code

I’m not suggesting you run out and buy a purge valve

I’m just throwing out some information

The gas cap code (I think) can’t be cleared manually; the car will need to go through another test cycle, and if it’s happy, will clear it itself. I’d give it a few days and/or a full tank of gas before I got worried.