Dodge Dynasty stalls

I have a Dodge Dynasty 6 cyl 1953 model

It has been in storage for 6 months

Now it starts easily but after about a half mile ,if I slow down it stalls

Then difficult to start again and when it starts have to keep accellerator down to keep a fast idle or it stalls agian…If it was a carburettor I would just increase idle speed a bit

Is this a computer problem.

It happened once before but seemed to correct itself.

After it stands for awhile it starts and runs again for a short distance

Hope someone can help


I assume that you meant to type 1993, rather than 1953. Otherwise, I doubt you’ve got a computer problem with your '53 Dodge (unless you’re towing around an Eniac complex).

I’m betting that you’ve got a bad coolant temperature sensor. If it was a carbed car, I would say your choke was stuck on, but since you are fuel injected and the car is exhibiting these symptoms right as it’s coming out of open loop mode, I think the computer doesn’t know that the motor is warmed up and is still in cold drive-off mode.

Any check engine light?

Thanks A million.
Sorry it is 1993 not 1953 and is fuel injected.
When it happens it says check engine Gauges
I did not see anything wrong with temp etc , but will check again

I did not see anything wrong with temp

I don’t think the temperature is bad, rather the computer does not know what the temperature is. It may use a different sensor(s) than the gauge.