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Dodge Dart Odometer jumps 2,000 miles?

On April 3, a lady caller was distressed because the 500 mile warranty on a used Dodge Dart had mysteriously expired during a week away. She thought her son was lying about having driven 2,000 miles during the week.

I believe the son. My first car was a 1972 Chevy Vega, purchased used in 1974 with just under 15,000 on the odometer. A little over 5,000 miles later, it suddenly jumped to 30,000, not 20,000. It was painfully obvious to me that I was a victim of a used car dealer who had rolled-back the odometer. It is illegal, but it still happens.

I don’t convict people of lying until there is no longer any reasonable doubt.

Apparently the guys just chose not to do the math. The kid would have had to do quite a bit of driving to put on 2,000 miles in a week. It’s certainly doable, but what would be the payoff?

Zombie’s got a good point. It’d take your son about 40 hr. of driving to go that far – pretty hard to fit into a week while keeping up with Facebook.

Here’s another kind of odometer you might get a look at: gas money. Guessing about 15-20 mpg, it’d take $300-350 worth of gas. That could be noticeable, depending on what kind of job he has.

There are dome Dodge Dart models that has been included in the Dodge recalls due to the odometer faulty configurations. This is a major problem indeed bec. it tracks the kms spent by the car since it was purchased. Hope this can help others for the news.