Dodge Dakota process of battery replacement


My battery terminal was loose and I tightened it back. But now when I start my truck it just barely turns over and shuts right back off. It stays running if I press on the gas but when I let go it shuts off.

I recall this issue in the past and I think in order for the truck computer to relearn there was a process after replacing the battery.

Something like with the positive side off press the gas to the floor for 30 seconds and release then reconnect?

Does anyone know about this. I can’t find the spot I found it but it worked last time. I know it was a few steps but I can remember or find the site I saw this info that helped me last time.

Is it in the owners manual?

A good place for Chrysler questions is There are several
forums there and surely one or more for your Dakota. Good luck!

Low battery voltage will cause the idle air control motor to go out of calibration. There is no special procedure for relearn, with a good battery installed, if it won’t idle just hold the accelerator pedal @ 800 RPMs for 15 seconds and slowly release the pedal.

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