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Dodge dakota problem

I have a 99 dakota. The truck wont turn over, headlights/doom lights nothing in side works. But when i open the door the glove boxes starts making a clicking noes ? it happend once before and once i pushed it down a little drive way everything turned back on ? What could cause this problem ?

Even with a wiring diagram and the car in front of you diagnosing an electrical problem can be difficult. Intermittent problems are the worst. Doing it by text can be impossible. To figure this out you should have a wiring diagram and a volt meter. You do have a couple of good clues. The problem is system wide, except for the relay, and low voltage rather than no voltage (otherwise the relay wouldn’t click). I would start with the battery and cables. Figure out what the relay does. If you come up with any more clues post them.

As MTraveler said, just start with the basics. Clean your battery terminals & cable terminals at both ends really well and make sure they are tight. You might want to peel some insulation off the cables to look for corrosion underneath. Have the battery checked, or just check it with a voltmeter if you have one. There’s no point in chasing a lot of weird things until the basics are taken care of.

I would say the same thing as cigroller, above, has said.