Dodge dakota ac/heat


I have a 2000 Dodge Dakota 3.9l V6…

When I turn the AC on the truck shutters and doesn’t blow cool air. It almost stalls.

Still problem occured a few months ago so through the late Summer and Fall I just haven’t been using the AC but now it is getting cold and I need the defroster/heat.

i went to use that today and the the truck did the same thing.

I thought the heat and defroster wouldn’t be effected since it was the ac compressor

Some HVAC systems automatically turn the AC on when set to defrost.

Unplug the compressor clutch electrical connector to see if the problem goes away.


The compressor kicks in when you’re in defrost mode.

The a/c compressor runs in defrost mode.

Sounds like the compressor is on its way out and when it engages it is putting a heckuva load on the engine when it engages . Most Dodge products do indeed run the compressor when the setting is set on the front windshield (defrost) . It should not engage in a normal heat setting thru the front outlets or the floor .

If you are tight on funds, you can maybe use a substitute belt to bypass the ac. Sure everybody says it is needed, but my frst ac car was 1993, 22 years without ac for defog worked fine for me.

I removed the AC clutch relay and the defrost and heat work fine without any stalling.