Dodge coolant, ? wrong type!


Have a 2000 Caravan, 3.3. Manual calls for HOAT coolant. Went to local shop (can’t work on cars in complex!) and asked to flush and refill with HOAT. Towards the end saw they poured a gallon of Prestone Dexcool/extended life coolant. They say it is okay and forget about it. Went to parts store and the ingredients listed on the Prestone Dexcool and multipurpose coolants are exactly the same. The Dexcool also says that it meets Ford and Chrysler #XXX (forgot the numebrs) specifications. So should I bother changing it or just leave it in for now.


G-05 is what you want to use


I would make sure it was flushed very well to get out the Dex and fill with the right stuff.


About the Ford spec for the Dexcool-type coolant. I dont ’ know about Chrysler, but Ford has or does use Dexcool in some applications. They also used regular ole green up to 2000 or so and they use HOAT. I am pretty sure that they got out of the Dexcool and replaced it with HOAT via TSBs, but don’t take that as fact.


Thanks for the responses. I decided not to take any risks. Bought the Zerex HOAT from autozone and took the car back. Flushed and refill. Though I am sure there is still some Dexcool stuck in the angles of the piping, hopefully would not cause much harm. I guess time will tell.