93 Honda Accord Ex Oil Leak(Crank Seal or What)?

That would be my guess.
You could definitively trace the oil’s source with a UV dye kit like the one in the attached link.
You can purchase one almost anywhere or from any parts supplier website. I just posted this link to clarify the suggestion, not to be taken as a recommendation.

That looks way too thick to be motor oil, It looks like chassis grease but I can’t see how it could get there.

I would get it all cleaned off of there and see how it re-appears.

OK Thanks Y’all…I’m Getting It Cleaned Up And Grease To Check…

Oil & grease get blown around in the engine compartment a lot while driving down the road at 60 mph, so it’s sometimes hard to say where the leak, if there is one, is coming from. But if it is an oil leak, and it is coming from the front crank seal, that’s usually not a very big deal to fix. The rear crank seal, yes, that’s a big deal. But not the front one. Your 93 Accord probably uses a timing belt, so next time it needs to be replaced, that would be a good time to fix the front crank seal leak too. BTW, if the front crank seal is indeed leaking, sometimes the leaking oil can get on the timing belt and that can cause much grief.

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There’s oil leaking out of the timing cover. Since you can’t see through the covers the only way to determine what is leaking is to remove the drive belts, motor mount, and other accessories to remove the timing cover and inspect. But whatever is leaking, it will require removal of the timing belt to fix. So you’re looking at a timing belts/water pump replacement with oil seals.

Looks like a fairly recent oil pan gasket. Was that replaced in an effort to stop this leak?

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There are quite a few seals in that area under the timing belt cover. Could be any of them, including the oil pump itself. Best to replace them all when the timing belt is due for replacement.

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