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Dodge Caravan

Old caravan 1996, 3.0 was sitting for 15 days more or less. I took him out the garage to make a routine inspection and found a great leakage of steering fluid. Revising the steering fluid reservoir, it was almost empty (now it is empty) completely)… I have learned to do some small repairs in our cars… Do you think I can do this one??? Any advise?? Thank you!!

No way to give you an answer from the info you’ve provided. It could be as simple as a loose hose fitting or as complicated as a leaking steering rack. The first thing you need to do is find out exactly where it is leaking.

Get it securely up on ramps, engine off, car in “Park”, parking brake set, slide under with a good light, and see where it’s leaking. If it’s the rack, and it may well be, then you’ll need to review the procedure for replacement in a Haynes manual and see if you’re up to the task. Often, accessing the rack means removing other things (such as crossmembers and exhaust pipes) that may be in the way. It can be a lot of labor. But it is not technically challenging.

Thanks NYBo and you the same mountainbike… I’ll find out and let you know…I noticed as far as the car was on… the leakage increased much more…If I get tangle I’ll let you know.

There are two very rusty thin metal pipes connected to the steering pump (I guess) both of them are inside some insolated wrapping and come down making bendings to the other side of the vehicle… One of them I think the one connected to the center of the pump is leaking… It seems that the rust made a perforation on that line, I wonder if I can replace it for a new one…

Nice work. Yes, these lines are replacable. Be sure to get a manual and follow the instructions.

Thank you… I know it won’t be easy due to the intrincate of the area… Will see… I have planty time these days.