Do You Spend 17 Hours A Year Doing This? Shame On You!



I always drive out… because I always back in! :grin:


That’s how I roll. Those of us living in an area where there are 2 seasons (winter and summer, which we hope falls on a week-end) are wise to back-in at our destinations while the car is warm and the windows mostly transparent, not back out when regardless of attempted scraping and brushing, not so much. :wink:


I don’t think I’ve ever driven over them but a dark night, rain, or snow especially can make them invisible. Parking lot designers love to put in those landscape islands with curbs that look nice on a bright sunny day, but add mother nature and they can become hazards.


In my part of the country, the “Granite State”, they use solid granite curbs, often upright. Those are totally invisible on a dark rainy night and will tear a huge hole in your tire faster than you can blink. Over the years I’ve torn two sidewalls open on those curbs trying to parallel park in very poor visibility conditions and tight places.


That falls under the “What were they thinking” category, but I guess they take it for granite that folks will see it. :blush:


LOL, I love it!

It’s simply an indigenous material, cheap, local, and plentiful. So they use it for curbs.


I don’t circle endlessly for a close parking spot because by the time I find one, I could have already been in the store if I had just parked at the first place open and then just walked.
In addition, parking lot first gear speeds result in singe-digit fuel economy numbers. Look at an instantaneous gas mileage gauge while cruising at parking lot speeds if you don’t believe this. It’s also why I go inside to order instead of waiting in a drive though lane.


mental note Prunes and fiber for breakfast = extra week paid vacation.

Thanks for the idea!