Do You Spend 17 Hours A Year Doing This? Shame On You!



“Nothing beats people circling the lot for the closest spot at the gym.”

I think there is a fair chance that this photo was photoshopped, but…you never know…



My next-door neighbor does that! His sprinklers are on a timer. It seems he can’t wait for it to grow so he can cut it. Rinse and repeat. Drives me crazy. :confounded:

Me? I have better things to do with my life. I don’t water at all. Tough love… The grass has to figure out how to survive on its own. :wink:

His tombstone will read, “He had the nicest lawn.” :neutral_face: :
My tombstone will read, “He didn’t care about his lawn.” (He was too busy enjoying life.)
So what? :smile:


Ditto! It sounds like you are describing MY next-door neighbor.
However, I think my neighbor is even more anal about his lawn than yours is.
Does your neighbor cut his grass 3-4 times per week? Mine does!

I think that the guy who lives next to me must be taking off ~3mm each time that he cuts the grass.


I had a neighbor that did that also. He said his Doctor told him to walk a certain amount of miles a week. At least mowing made him feel like he was doing something productive because he really did not like just walking around.


That might actually make some sense, except in the case of my neighbor who puts his fat butt on the seat of his lawn tractor, and then proceeds to ride around his property for upwards of an hour, 3-4 times per week.
Not much exercise in his case!

My current theory is that he does this simply to distance himself from his wife, but…I could be wrong.


The world will little note nor long remember who had the nicest yard, or the fastest car.


Let’s not cut into anybody that dotes on his lawn

It’s not a character fault, you know

My brother does just that, as do plenty of other people I know

his lawn looks great

And he still finds plenty of time to raise my nephew quite nicely and do all the other things that people that don’t tend to their lawn do. Without going into any detail, my brother’s family is not lacking for anything. They may not technically be wealthy, but they’re financially secure. My nephew is in little league, the family takes trips every year, my nephew is in a pretty decent school. If my brother spent no time on his lawn, that wouldn’t suddenly free up several hours each week, to do other things. In fact, not much would change, at all

He wants a certain lifestyle . . . including his lawn . . . and he’s willing to put in the necessary work and time


Actually riding a lawn mower is good therapy. It’s a great time to consider things.

Now that we are confessing though, I’ll have to say that I have parked in the handicapped stall a few times at the library, but I’ve been returning a book at 10 or 11 at night and everything is closed. Still I felt guilty doing it and thought what if I got a ticket and my name was in the paper for parking in the stall. So I don’t do it anymore even if the lot is empty and to be honest I don’t think I’ve really seen anyone parking inappropriately. Sometimes you think they are able bodied but are transporting someone who isn’t or they have a condition that’s hard to tell what is wrong.


I am in the camp of “park as far as you can” and walk to my destination.

I once joked with our gym’s patron (she runs quite well) about her circling around for the closest spot and she said she does not feel safe leaving the place when it is dark. Now this is a super nice (bordering on boring) neighborhood, but then “feeling unsafe” is very subjective, so I have stopped starring.

My parents are pretty limited in their ability to get around. They don’t drive and I would give them a ride once in a while. I could get a disabled card I guess, but I always manage to drop them off, walk them to some secure place where they could hang on to the walker/etc and then park my car and run back.

Also, at work I have to go 5 floors up sometimes twice a day, I just take the stair; no point being stuck in the elevator esp with someone you might not like!


I tend to park further out, because I like “pulling through” and not having to back up, especially if I’ve got stuff in the bed of my truck. Children are essentially invisible in my rear view, so I tend to do a “head count” in areas with children, where I have to back up.


So do I. crummy 10 character feature.


Me too.


I also do it that way even when I don’t have anything in back. The way I have my mirror set up from the top of the tailgate down is the only blind spot I have & if a little kid get’s behind me I can’t see them


I am also in that camp.
Incidentally, if you want to be able to do an informal assessment of another driver’s analytical skills, take notice sometime of the people who insist on backing-out of a parking space, even when there is nobody parked in front of them or anywhere else near them!

Despite perfect sightlines for “fronting-out” without any problems, these folks insist on backing-out, thus exposing themselves to more potential interactions with people and with other vehicles than if they simply did the logical thing and just drove straight ahead. I have seen this puzzling behavior more times than I could count.


I do the same thing for the same reasons.


“Driver’s analytical skills”. I like that. It applies to all the odd things they do with no logical explanation.


I did too, until I bought my 2014 Highlander with the backup camera. I’d love to back in just to test it and play with the new toy. After a few months the novelty wore off and I started pulling through again.


I often pull through instead of backing out not because I can’t see behind me, but because my motorcycle has no reverse gear.


speaking of “fronting out” . . . as you guys put it

I’ve seen MANY guys do that and mess up their cars, driving over those concrete blocks


If somebody is unaware of concrete blocks/tire stops in front of his car when he pulls into a parking space, I would submit that the person has more than one thing that is… messed-up.