Do You Spend 17 Hours A Year Doing This? Shame On You!



The signs I love in Boston say something like “No Parking Tuesday”

They are cardboard signs tied on with string and are for some special event, like July 4th. Supposedly they are all taken down after the holiday, but how soon, and they always miss a few.

It would take little work to write in a date on the sign…


Wish I had taken a picture, went to a park, whatever park, and underneath was a sign, NO PARKING


Used the end button again so didn’t read everyone’s comments but nope, I have a reserved stall in my garage.


RE: 17 hours parking

Assuming one drives 5 days/week and 50 weeks/year. That’s 250 days.
And 17 hours is 1020 minutes.

That 17 hours/year works out to 4 minutes/day.
That’s not bad at all.


I don’t spend 17 hours myself. I did break up with a girlfriend one time over a difference of opinion about parking strategy.


I used to love to walk. And thought nothing of 50 mile bicycle rides (25 miles in the woods). I was hard-core.

Now I wish I could walk. And now that I am truly handicapped, I’ve come to realize how insensitive able-bodied people are toward the handicapped. The insensitivity goes beyond just individuals. Almost every retail establishment I know of has the handicapped spaces well away from the doors. KFC in Hooksett has the handicap spaces in back of the building, next to the dumpsters. When the state built a new liquor store (in NH the state owns the liquor stores) they pushed the handicap parking spaces out of the way to make room for the “hybrids only” parking spaces. They finally move them after a huge public ruckus was raised. I recently went to an event at the Radisson Center in Concord, and all of the spaces in front of the door were “hybrids only”. The handicap spaces were around the corner, a significant walk.

I discovered with a bit of research that to get a "Leadership in Energy Efficiency in Design’ (LEEDs) certification, an architect must have all the parking spaces immediately in front of the front door reserved for hybrid vehicles. Environmentalism has officially supplanted compassion for the handicapped in importance. Nobody gives a damn how inaccessible access is for the handicapped. I could go on, but we’ve had this discussion before.

You people with the mentioned places, I welcome your feedback. If you should read this and wish to respond, please do.

Meanwhile, please people, do not judge anyone’s ability to walk, or their need for a handicap space, unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

Thank you all for allowing me to vent.


no, not much at all. Not for someplace like Boston.


That’s NH for you. Other states like NY…there are specific laws on where the parking spaces are allowed and how far away from the entrance. In NH - it’s basically up to the establishment where to place them. Some do it right…others could care less.


I decided to look at this one in Google Maps just for fun. This is the only parking area that’s actually adjacent to the building, so that handicapped people don’t need to try to cross quickly through the traffic circulating around the parking lot. It seems reasonable to me to prioritize that over the distance from the door.


I may be wrong but I thought it was federal law that handicaped spot’s need to be as close to the front door as possible & the # of space’s depended on the building’s capacity.


There are standards in NH. I looked them up. Unfortunately, there’s zero enforcement beyond local building inspectors approving site plans, and I seriously doubt if any of them have any idea what the standards are. Or care.


That’s because you aren’t handicapped. You aren’t expected to park right next to a smelly garbage bin in back of a building and then make your way to the front of the building… in the rain, or the snow.
The only reason the parking areas in front aren’t adjacent to the building is because they chose to put them opposite the building.

If you think Google gave you an idea what that parking situation is like for the handicapped, you…
well, never mind. Let’s just say that when talking about that parking lot you clearly have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about. Sorry, but callousness like yours toward the situation is why these situations exist.


By the grace of god I am not handicapped the only time I had a problem was one time year’s ago I used my mothers car that had handicap tag to take my 96 year old grandmother out to eat at a place she wanted to go & all the handicapped spaces were full I had to park in the driveway to & get out to help her get inside when
I came back to move the car there were about 5 or 6 car"s waiting for me to move but no one complained as they saw the tag & what I was doing.


You did the right thing. Those situations are in no way a problem, especially for those of us who understand the importance of someone with a walking disability to disembark near the entry door.
God bless you.


I bet the statistical outliers pushing up the mean are people looking for empty parking spots on university campuses. Don’t read too much into the word “average,” especially in an article that doesn’t describe its statistical methodology or the traits of the “average” respondent.


if my math is accurate-
if I spend 10 minutes a day at work pooping, by the end of the year, I have spent 43 hours on the toilet. That’s a weeks salary, spent in quiet solitude.
It’s like an extra weeks worth of vacation!

I’m ok with that. :wink:


Oh, that kind of parking? Now I can see where it might take a while to find a good spot but I’m too old to remember.


Remember Nackey Leob (publisher of the Union Leader). She fought extremely hard to NOT be forced to put up HDCP spaces at the Union Leader. She thought it was government intrusion on her business. Yet she was in a wheelchair…but she herself had a private parking spot up close.


Yup, I remember. :rolling_eyes:


Just come to Minnesota. I haven’t seen a hybrid parking stall except in the ramp next to the orchestra theater. Better yet stay out of the big city. Plenty of parking then. Handicap stall not in compliance? Report it to the nearest public safety office and they’ll give them 30 days to fix or a fine. This is civilized flyover land here.