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Do you guys know what this thing?


My vehicle is Opel vectra B caravan 2.0 dti 16v (f35) (74 kw / 101 ag), year 2000. Do you guys know if this is like “fuel injection pressure valve” or something like that? On the side it says “Safety valve”. It had a leak at both hoses, i’ve fixed it temporarily, now it’s not leaking. I am also VERY curious if its installed the right way, when i was fixing a leak i took it out and the top part is turning so it can turn both ways so i forgot which side to put this thing back, i’ve had no problems putting it both ways, hose to the right i believe goes to fuel tank and left one to the engine.

I am very thankful to everyone who tries to help me because i’m very frustrated and i can’t find any information online.

Looks like some sort of solenoid valve.


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It really does, weird…

Where are you?



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At the top, when you open the hood its in the very end, sorry i didn’t take more pictures, if needed i can do them tomorrow when its light outside i guess.

Without this thing the car won’t start after some time (a day?), it’s something with fuel pressure.

Looks like a fuel cut solenoid for a diesel engine.



Where do you live?

The last Opel sold in the US was 1975. According to Rockauto.


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haha sorry.

I live in Lithuania, it’s pretty old car that i’ve got as a gift, it’s pretty nice car, i see them pretty often here.

It’s something weird, because on the side it says gasoline even though the car is diesel, maybe at some point mechanic was fixing this car and put a different part, he puts used parts in my car, or maybe this part was from the very beginning, i have no idea, but i can’t find it anywhere, selenoid valve does look very similar but not quite.

Looks like an on / off solenoid. Says 0-45psi. Putting a voltmeter on it and seeing what activates it could give you a clue. Power with key on, or engine running only.

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On the other side it says 0.3 bar if I remember correclty and at the bottom letter B. Sadly I don’t have voltmeter just yet, i’m pretty new at cars, this is my first car that I got like 4 months ago.

If it mattered which way the valve is installed, there would be an arrow on the valve indicating flow direction.


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It has an arrow, it’s probably hard to see it!

I think everyone is right that it’s a selenoid valve, but the thing I’m most worried is if it’s installed properly, arrow points towards the fuel tank, maybe it should point towards the engine?

The fuel flows from the fuel tank to the engine.

So yes.


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Thank you and everyone else for helping me, I really appreciate it!! :slight_smile:

I will have to switch it tomorrow then, haha!

Just curious, but why the car doesn’t start without selenoid valve?

Also, would there be a purpose for selenoid valve that points towards fuel tank, does that make sense?

The arrow points the direction the fuel is supposed to flow.

Here is a better picture of the engine bay:

The fuel from the fuel filter goes towards the engine and fuel that goes through solenoid also goes towards the engine, even though its straight from the fuel tank I guess? How does this work i’m very curious.

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