Do transgender drivers get cheaper insurance rates for cars?

LOL completely random question, But if you go from being a man or whatever to a women or whatever you were aiming to transform into, Does that mean that original guy gets that nice insurance cut for now “being female” and a “safer driver”

No looking to start or hear anything negative.

Just really am curious, if you turn into a female will your drivers license change and insurance rates?

I think premium rates are the same whether you are a man or a women.Its the amount of claims that makes your insurance go up.

Why don’t you ask your insurance this totally unnecessary question as if anyone here would know or care?


Beyond what you stated, I am pretty sure that the original post falls into the category of “trolling”.


The issue does seem to be trending @VOLVO-V70. And America is all about trends. But apparently cartalk regulars already have plenty of committed trends and their fetishes are usually related to fuel mileage, bragging rights to longevity and insight into repairs.

It must be troll season.

This sounds like a question of fact. I am not sure anybody here has the answer to it. If I had to guess, a person’s driving history would stay with them whatever their name was. You could call your insurance company and ask them yourself.

How does one answer the question when the insurance company asks are you male or female, yes I would say if I were transgender.