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Should I replace th a/c clutch on my 98 dodge ram1500 or the entire compressor?

Has anyone checked the AC system to find the problem? The AC clutch is a lot cheaper to replace than the whole compressor but you really need to know that the clutch is the real culprit here. There are a few simple things that can keep the clutch from engaging. If you have not done so you really need to have a good AC shop check out the problem before you throw expensive parts at the malfunction.

I had a 98 that did the same thing I think yours is doing. You could get the A/C to engage by tapping the clutch with a screwdriver. Once engaged, it was ice-cold. If you can get someone to just replace the clutch, go for it. I could not find a local shop that would just do the clutch, and with weeks of 90-degree weather, I relented and just had the compressor replaced. If yours has never had the evaporator replaced, I’d consider doing that while the system is apart if you do the compressor—that went next on mine and was a trouble spot for these.

If you can’t have the clutch replaced, see what the price difference between a rebuild unit and a new unit is. A rebuilt unit could make more sense on a 1998 truck.