Do not ever buy a car from carmax my story

just over a year ago i got t-boned by a grandma driving too fast and she ended up breaking my coolant reservoir and smashing up the side of my car. i figured its going to cost more for repairs than the worth of the car so i decided to scrap the car and buy a used car from carmax during the height of used car inflation.

within the first month the power steering line failed. the warranty covered it. i would keep hearing the brake rubbing on cold wet moist mornings and i got that looked at but they couldnt fix it even after replacing brake pads. one of the oxygen sensors or something related to oxygen was bad so it would make my car shutter at stops while idling. they actually fixed this but at this point i had so many problems within the first 3 months of purchase.

prior to this i never had car problems all my used cars gave me no grief.

then one of the other pressure lines failed yet again on the car. this time it wasnt under warranty so i had to pay for the repairs.

after just over a year since purchase now my car door ajar wont turn off even when all doors are shut and locked so that light stays on overnight.

its just a never ending cycle of one thing wrong after another.

i was also a victim of a parked car hit and run. insurance covered this but at this point it feels like all my problems in life are car related.

makes me wish i could live without a car.

then i realize i live in a state where you dont even have sidewalks at most places.

i cant believe carmax sold me this car. this was the biggest mistake of my life. there are so many things wrong with this car its impossible to find out about all the problems in their baloney 30 minute test ride.

my car is about 85% of my lifes problems currently. i wish i could live without a car at this point. i am too broke to give up this car. too broke to eat the losses and trade it in. i am just stuck in a predicament.

You did not tell us anything about the car to identify it. So many questions, what make, model, engine, transmission, mileage, price, the warranty on the vehicle. CarFax, AutoCheck, NMVTIS Report, or a NICB Report? Did you get at pre-inspection from other that CarMax (I actually do not know if they allow this…). Were all (if any…) recalls performed on this vehicle (NHTSA Vin Report)? So many questions…

I am also guessing that you did not get the limited extended warranty offered by the actually dealer nor the more inclusive, long term, CarMax Policy, is that correct?

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Your current problem is a failing door ajar switch? This is not a cause for despair. Is this an old Mazda3? These are rather common old car problems.

It wasn’t CarMax’s fault. They can’t predict failure before it happens.

These types of issues happen to used cars. Some brands are worse than others and you didn’t bother to tell us the brand.

I’ve bought 2 cars from CarMax and sold them 2. Good experiences all around.


I know a lot of mechanics, master techs, that bought vehicles from CarMax and speak very highly of them, even there warranties and extended warranties…

In the fiscal year ending February 28, 2022, CarMax Inc. sold just over 924,300 used vehicles, 22.9 percent above the previous year’s sales.

If CarMax had only a 1% failure rate (which most company’s benchmark is 0% to 10-15% product failure rate), that 1% is 9,243 vehicles with major issues, even though that 9K+ sounds very high, on the scale that is a very low % fail rate… Or as the old saying goes, $hit happens…

Sorry you are having all these issues especially being on a tight budget…


yes its an old mazda3 2010

i took a 30 minute test drive and i liked it because i thought the handling was quite firm and sporty. it also looked pretty sleek for a car its age. my car before this one was a honda insight 2010.
the honda was way more reliable had no issues and got over 43mpg on the freeway. i miss my old car to be honest but this car has its moments.

the mazda3 2010 carved circular onramps like a sports car it grips the road pretty well probably the best handling car ive ever owned but then again i have only owned entry level or lower mid tier cars only.

Yeah car problems suck especially if you don’t have a second car just in case your main car breaks down. I mean if the engine still runs good, then it might be worth it to fix things as they break.

Hardships can be a good thing, and they usually are, even though it might not seem like it. Alot of times we take simple things for granted until its totally gone forever. The hardship develops knowledge and appreciation, at least thats what I’ve learned.

If an old Mazda 3, maybe it was THIS ONE! Friend drowned his car!

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