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Do I really need to replace the expansion valve?

My clutch failed on my a/c compressor. No leaks or pressure loss until I disassembled the condenser. I bought a new compressor, condenser, drier and expansion valve. Set to task putting in the new condenser today… Buick put latch assembly brackets around it so I had to take off the whole bumper/grill, headlights, under panel, etc. What a pain!! So, I get the compressor in and condenser, Started to look for the expansion valve and guess what??? it is behind the firewall. You have to take the frigin dash off in order to replace it!!!

So, since it appears that there is nothing internally wrong with the a/c, do I really need to replace the expansion valve?

NO !!! you do not. There are ways to troubleshoot expansion valves, look on youtube. In most cars, the expansion valve is part of the evaporator, located under the dash and it’s a bi$ch to get to. Frankly you didn’t need the condenser and expansion valves either unless there is something wrong with those parts.

Since you are installing a new compressor, make sure you evacuate the a/c lines once the compressor is installed and before you charge it with refrigerant.

By the way, why didn’t you just replace the clutch? $60 instead of the hundreds you spent for the compressor and other things.

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Unless the compressor failed internally, sending debris/burnt oil throughout the AC system, the expansion valve doesn’t require replacement.


couldn’t find a clutch for it

autozone, advance auto parts and tons of online places. I purchased a clutch ten days ago and had it 2 days later.