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Do I really need to replace my oil pan?

Ok, I have a 2007 Kia Optima that I bought new in October 2007. I take it to the dealer for regular oil changes. They’ve never before suggested “extra work” but I must have drove over something as I have a small dent in my oil pan and the under cover is damages. They said the undercover wasn’t a problem but the oil pan should be replaced immediately ($283.00) as the dent could cause further wear and cause a leak, etc. I have no leaks now and it’s a rather small dent (I’m guessing smaller than an actual quarter). Should I get this work done? And immediately if so?

I probably will NEVER leak. It really depends on where the dent is. If it’s small like you say it is…it’s probably not hurting a thing. I wouldn’t worry about it. A larger dent could decrease oil capacity or interfere with the oil pickup.

If your Optima is still under warranty, failure to do this could jeopardize any warranty consideration due to oil leakage, or engine lubrication issues. For the cost and preservation of my 100K powertrain warranty, I think I would have it done. I think you could not do the work and probably suffer no engine damage, but given the “pickiness” I have heard about the Hyundai and Kia powertrain warranty interpretations by the manufacturer, it seems prudent to spend the $283, so there is no question of compliance.

My opinion would be different if you were nearing the end of the warranty period.

Wow, thanks. I never thought about the warranty. I just knew it wasn’t and isn’t leaking at all and at least two people before me were leaving there cars there and getting rentals as their cars “needed work”. But it seems to be a good shop I guess. Ok, I need to go over my warranty.

You are not bound the have repairs done at the dealer, (warranty issues excepted because they will be free), even the oil pan repair. It may be convenient to do so. You do need to keep all receipts, including oil change receipts, in case you have a future powertrain claim. In this case, I think you will find an assumption of road damage causing the dent, and of course, road damage like that is not covered in your warranty.

If you plan on getting it repaired…it may not need to be replaced. Most of pans these days are aluminum…very pliable. You could have the pan dropped and just hammer it out. I also concur…find a good independent…they’ll do it MUCH cheaper then the dealer.

I probably will NEVER leak.

I am glad to hear it. Now I won’t have to give you those Depends for Christmas!

Aluminum tends to crack when treated this way. If the pan is steel, it will withstand it. A magnet will quickly verify which material it is.

To the OP: Can to post a picture of the damage? It’s very unlikely a small dent will cause any problems unless it’s somewhere critical, like the drain plug area.