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A dilemna in Ct

I have a 2005 kia rio 60,000 miles on it.

3 weeks ago, i hit a pot hole in my landlords badly repaired driveway and put a large fist sze hole in my oil pan. the light went on ,i drove the car a little way as i did not know then what was the matter yet. got to a garage, in the mean time the oilllite went on. i parked the car. several days later i got undr the car and saw the hole, but no other damage. i took it to guy and i bought a second hand oil pan.he replaced the pan and the car appearedtobe fined. i drove it short distaances over the few days. On the sun after the fri i got the carback , it drove it 10 minute up the rode. all of a sudden it started making terrible noises and then it would not go forward or back. It is a stick. Then i had it towed to a transmission specialistbecuse most of my friends thought that was the he it up and messed with the gears a little, did not take it apart, and said h e thougth the transmission was shot.couldnt tell how bad without taking it apart…

he said if it was the tranny hed charge me $1650 to fix the tranny,. What do di do?

here are choices as i see them:

1 take it to dealer and have them give est ofor tranny of about 100 ro 1 hours work,and maybe the wrk wold get covered under the waranttee.

2. let this guy fix it for 1,650 ( whcih by the way I really cannot affrt. i would have to pay a little at attime ifhe would even take that.

or 3. get rid of it vol repo and go find a clunker toyota or sometthing.

I was between insurance policies wheni had the accident. help someone i need some clear and intelligent advice frm someone smarterthan me…nina

Your post went from driving a car with no oil in it and somehow landed on a damaged transmission. You need to find out if the engine survived its no oil work out and then what choice do you have but to fix the trans. It is odd a 2005 needs a manual trans. This also needs to be verified.

What you need is a live person to evaluate whats going on. Your not making your position clear.

I need it in this form, “I have a 2005 Rio with a oil starved engine and a transmission that needs 1650 in repairs,and I have no money.What are my options?” If you put it that way I see a junker Toyota in your drive.

Stay away from the Dealer with this for the engine,but maybe ask about the transmission,really you may have a warranty issue. Call the Dealer tell them about your transmission problem,It is going to be hard to get a transmission if the engines shot,is it OK? That is the main point you must find out,then see if transmission is a warranty job.

Dear Sir or Madame- thank you so much for taking the time to answer me. I will do as you advised. Just to clarify a few points. There was ample oil in the system immed prior to the pot hole put a hole in my oil pan. several minutes after the pot hole collision the oil light went on, i drove a short distance to the gas station .2 miles ? Immde turned off the engine and did not drive the car again.
there was still oil in it by the time i got tothe gas station as before i left the car, there was a large puddle of oil still dripping under the car. ( i know it is an absolute no-no to everdrive the car with no oil, but i was desperate to get it off the road and i thougt since there was still some oil in it by the time i go to the gas station i wasalright.

The engine is ok as far as i can tell. After the oil pan was repaired the car appeared to be fine, made no noise and could be driven fine.the engine sounded find and turned on off.

It is not clear to me if the oil pan debacle could have anythingto do with the transmission.

Thank you so much. When i call kia (Action Moters in Danbury ct) Do i just say please look up my car purchase in your files and tell me if its under warantee?
I confess, I am afraid of being strong armed.

Also is there a live person i could chat with on line tonite around 7? thanks gg

If you are the original owner, the transmission may still be under warranty. If you are not the original owner, do you know if you got warranty transfer (especially, with an extended warranty deal)?
Asking about warranty to the dealer, don’t tell of the oil pan and pot hole incident. On the other hand, your automobile insurance, or landlord’s apartment insurance, may cover the damage. Call and talk with the insurance agents.

It is possible it is only a linkage problem, and might be fixed for free by the guys that replaced the oil pan. Some engines need to have the engine jacked up to replace the pan. Stop there firstand try and get a free fix.

hey - Thanks for your time. This site is the best!! I am the original owner.i dont remember purchasing extended warranty coverage.Is it sold separately? I know they sold me gap insurance. Is the landlord required to carry insurance on property and apartment? I did not have a lease, but rented the apt. month to month.