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Do I need NLGI #1 grease

My Tacoma manual states that I need to grease the front drive thrust bushings with synthetic oil & lithium soap based chassis grease (NLGI No. 1). All other grease is the normal lithium base chassis grease (NLGI No. 2). No. 2 is standard and nobody I’ve found carries No. 1. Do I really need to buy another grease gun and special order this grease?

I would say yes. The under $30 cost involved for a gun and cartridge is a relatively inexpensive proper solution.

Lubriplate puts some grease in caulk gun cartridges or smaller tubes that don’t require a grease gun, so I would research that option first.

O’Reilly’s, NAPA or Carquest should be able to order the proper grease for you without too much time delay in delivery.

It is doubtful if anyone can tell you if you really need NLGI #1 grease except the Tacoma engineers. As a guess, it is likely you can get away with NLGI #2, but the cost of the recommended stuff is minimal. So it’s up to you.

Thanks jayhawkroy,
I’ve been to Autozone and Advanced but will try NAPA and Ridge. The closest to no. 1 that I’ve found was no.1.5 at Rural King. I’ll also search Lubriplate which sounds like a better option. This is something that doesn’t need to be done very often but I try to take care of my trucks so it needs to be done. Thanks again.

After research I decided to use the synthetic NLGI #1. It looks like it would be best in cold weather (which is when I kick the front drive in). Only one problem - nobody sells the stuff. Nobody local, nobody I can find on the internet. Does it even exist?

Go to a Toyota dealer parts dept. If they don’t have it then the Tacomas going in the service area aren’t getting NLGI#1 either.

Amsoil also sells it for about $7 per tube, plus shipping. Heavy equipment dealers like Cat should also carry it. See if Uncle Turbo’s solution works first, though.

What?? Something on a Toyota that needs to be GREASED?? Most old trucks that need to be greased are happy to get whatever grease happens to be in the gun…

It’s an '07 and under warranty. Although I see there are a lot of old Toyota trucks still on the road.

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried industrial supplies (MSC, etc.) no luck. I’ll try the heavy equipment dealers next.The AMSOIL site refuses to accept password and as far as the non-toll free phone number - “We’re not at our desk right now or the line is busy.”

ANY grease is bound to be better than no grease…

“I need to grease the front drive thrust bushings with synthetic oil & lithium soap based chassis grease (NLGI No. 1).”

Thrust Bushings…Are those the same as Muffler Bearings?