Do I need a new fuel pump? Please Help!

My mom has a 2002 Saturn l300 v6. She’s never had any problems with it except having to get a new computer about a year ago. About 3 weeks ago she got rearended and ever since then it has had trouble starting. The few times it did start, it wouldn’t idle and died. She replaced the fuel injector, but it kept doing it. It’s been at the mechanics ever since then, and everything I’ve looked up says it might be the fuel pump itself, but that raises the question of wouldn’t our mechanic have found it by now? I’d like your opinion and any help or input that you could give because this is my moms primary car and she doesn’t want to have it gone much longer.

I’ve been told that it’s either wiring or the pump, but when I bring it up I’m shouted down because nobody thinks that it could be those things.

Fuel or spark. Lack of either will cause a non-start situation. Testing for either is fairly simple, and shouldn’t take three weeks.

Did anyone check and reset the inertia switch that shuts off the fuel pump in an accident?

I think mom needs a new mechanic.

How much damage was caused by the crash?

Just in case there may be a safety switch for the fuel delivery system that got kicked off by the accident. The switch would be something to check in case it is failing. Agreeing with mcparadise, is that like Brigadoon (mc=scottish irish paradise?)