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Do failing Timing belts make noise?

I am hearing a “clacking” noise from the Lt side of the engine compartment of a 2000 Hyundai Accent. Do timing belts sometimes make an audible noise when they are going bad? Girlfriends Ford Escort started making a similar noise a week before the timing belt broke.

by left side I meant while facing the engine from the front (passenger side) Thanks!

If the belt starts to shred or stretch it will be noisy.

The main problem with THIS engine is that it IS an interference engine, meaning if the engine timing belt breaks there will be significant damage done as the pistons will not stop.

I would have this investigated promptly and while the timing belt is off, replace the water pump and belt tension pulley. It will save labor costs should the pump start leaking in the future.

When the belt stretches out too much its possible that the belt will flap enough to hit the belt guard. If this is the case get the belt replaced NOW.

When I am in the States,I live in a retirement park in McAllen. For some years, I had a neighbor who was a retired mechanic. He told me he could tell when the timing belt was getting time to replace by the sound of it. So, he let it go until he could hear the sound.

I can’t, and would never take the chance, since the cost of an error is rather high. I view timing belt as just a maintenance cost.