Diyer or mechanic comment


What kind of idiot would check their oil level? It’s a liquid- it should automatically stay level. Plus, if it were off level, what could you do about it?




Just do your level best to correct the level.
I’ll level with you… when I do it I use a 4’ level.


A Rover 2000 sedan. So many “special tools” required – and no part is “on top”. No matter what you want to work on, you have to remove something else in the way first.


I like a car that, when I open the hood, I can see what’s where without having to remove a big cover.


1985-1998 GM cars. The back bank of spark plugs require either removing the intake manifold or dropping the engine cradle. The alternators fail if there are sunspots. Starter replacement requires a 14mm octopus and a Korean contortionist midget (they don’t sell either at Harbor Freight).

That’s not a typo. The starter bolts actually require a 14mm octopus.