Diy repairs

So I have a 2010 dodge Challenger see 3.5l v6. Im having a rough idle with no check engine light. So I removed and cleaned my throttle body and intake manifold. I changed the gasket on manifold. But it all back together and when I turned on the car sounded really good but saw a lil bit of white smoke coming from around the firewall should I be concerned?

Only if the smoke continues…

Likely you spilled someting that is evaporating or burning off.


Have you replaced the spark plugs recently?

And by “replaced”, I mean with whatever the OEM plugs were from Dodge?

Sometimes folks try to “upgrade” their spark plugs, and it creates problems.

Anytime I see smoke in the engine compartment I’m definitely concerned and make a point immediately investigate what’s causing it. Usually a simple visual inspection proves to be oil or solvent dripped on something hot, like the exhaust manifold or exhaust pipe.